Triston Montgomery - Design

A&R Network Website Re-Align



Being an independent recording artist, like myself, comes with many challenges. Most of the challenges are the reason some, if not most, independent artists never rise above this title. I chose this website because I am passionate about music and how artists can become the best versions of themselves in order to break into an industry with so much competition.

Pain Points

  • Having no collaboration opportunities within peer group.

  • No agent for help with booking live performances.

  • Small social media following

  • No industry connections.

Brag Points

  • Artists browse other artists and producers, finding eager collaborators.

  • Artists can sign up for shows organized by A&R Network directly on the site, as well as submit music for a chance to perform on a larger scale with shows organized by industry executives.

  • A&R Network becomes its own social network, focusing purely on the music and filtering out publicity stunts and artists who have already broken through in the industry.

  • Record label executives are given profiles to help them find artists suited for their label’s sound. Allowing for direct communication between the artists and industry professionals.

Design Process

Break Point Planning and Sketches:

Style Tile:


Hi-Fidelity Comps:


Artist Persona:


Dwayne. 22. Atlanta, GA. Full time student, Part time recording artist.

Technical Proficiency: Dwayne is very skilled with computers and smartphones. If he needs information he uses whatever device is closes to him and knows exactly how to find said information. Dwayne also uses his computer to record, mix, and upload songs, edit photos and videos, and finish school assignments. He uses his smartphone to manage his social media and contact his friends and business partners through email, text, or call.

Likes: Dwayne likes the ease of uploading a song on SoundCloud, as well as seeing the analytics of that song’s success at just one dart of the eye and a click. When he needs a show, he enjoys seeing promotional emails from the site, Afton, where he can accept or decline placements at live shows in his area, sell tickets on his personal artist page and check these ticket sales all in one hub. He likes the networking capabilities of Instagram as well as the ads he can pay to be placed on a targeted audience’s timeline.

Dislikes: Dwayne doesn’t like SoundCloud’s home feed with random songs, making his music practically invisible to his audience without his profile link. He doesn’t enjoy paying for promotion without definite return on Instagram as well as the communication gap between those who have lower follower counts and those with larger followings. Dwayne also often gets frustrated when he gets in touch with an “important” music executive with false promises to only find out they had no real credentials. Finally, Dwayne doesn’t like Instagram’s algorithm which also makes his content harder to be discovered by fans or future fans.


  • Create Profile

  • Upload Music

  • Find Producers

  • Get in touch with ExecutivesBook Shows

User Story: Dwayne visits the site and browses the artists who have joined as well as the record labels affiliated with it; he’s intrigued. He creates a profile, complete with his photos, music, and resume. He is sent to his profile. The side bar lists prospective label execs willing to work with artists of his level, available shows in his area, and similar ranked artists and producers. He shares his profile to the execs and connects with the producers. He navigates to the home page and finds a show happening in a week and applies for entry which is accepted upon review of his profile. The producers send him instrumentals, and the label execs keep in touch. Dwayne continues this process while performing at shows and communicating with executives and within a month Dwayne is finding more success within his music career.